Conscious refurbishment - from old to new

M+F’s refurbishment expertise was truly tested on this project. We were tasked by our client, one of the largest banks in Southern Africa, whom we’ve supported for over 10 years, to refurbish, relocate and reuse 200+ workstations. Our teams stepped up to the challenge with the enthusiasm and commitment to executing a superb solution. 

It was critical that every detail was coordinated closely by our project management, service and installation, technical and factory teams.

The scope of work involved the dismantling of existing workstations down to their basic components. Each component required cleaning and touching up and where necessary replacement.

In order to minimise double handling and transport, wherever possible components were refurbished on the original site before being cleaned, wrapped and transported to the new site. Only components requiring machining, re-edging, respraying and reupholstery were taken back to the factory for these reworks to be completed.

Old furniture in situation on old site

New colours were applied in the form of newly sprayed doors and drawers as well as all-new fabric upholstery. Once completed all refurbished components were delivered to the client’s new site.

Multiple teams were allocated to the project to ensure a quick and efficient reassembly of components into complete workstation clusters. During this process new hardware was fitted in the form of locking, sliding and hinge mechanisms. All drawers and doors were realigned, new shelving fitted, and workstations levelled.

As can be seen, 8-year-old workstations now looks like they’d been newly manufactured and supplied.