Orangebox’s London Showroom Tour blog

Orangebox’s London Showroom Tour 2021/02/23

Contact to book your place at the live virtual showroom visit.

Global standards realised locally blog

Global standards realised locally 2020/10/06

The look of a law office says volumes about the firm; about its culture, its success and the extent to which that firm is in sync with its clients.

Where people work blog

Where people work 2020/09/15

Regardless of our current circumstances, ‘The office’ remains synonymous with ‘where we work’. However successful ‘work from home’ has proven to be, it will not replace the office entirely.

8 Reasons blog

8 Reasons 2020/09/15

8 reasons why homeworking will be a new part of our workday and not our new workday. Why we will return to the workplace with renewed vitality, and why Smartworking collaborative workspaces will become a more vibrant proposition post Covid-19.

Nedbank. The (Genuine) ‘Green Bank’ blog

Nedbank. The (Genuine) ‘Green Bank’ 2020/08/17

Nedbank’s vision, ‘…to play a major part in our communities and, as the green bank, we are a strong advocate and influencer on environmental matters.’

What’s Inspiring us blog

What’s Inspiring us 2020/08/17

With biophilic design being embraced and incorporated in homes and offices, this collection of stories caught our attention.


F#*K LOCKDOWN 2020/06/12

5 Reasons why I’m enough

Home Sweet Office blog

Home Sweet Office 2020/05/05

Some observations from my experiences working at home over the last few weeks.

Our world’s changed blog

Our world’s changed 2020/05/02

Since the original covid lockdown started, and extension announced I’ve been living this extraordinary reality.

What’s currently catching our attention blog

What’s currently catching our attention 2020/04/20

Productions created by the legendary, multiple award winning, Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli, have just been added to the South African Netflix collection.

Home working and ergonomics blog

Home working and ergonomics 2020/04/16

We now have the chance, all be it forced upon us, to take control of our daily routine in a way that suits each of us in how we navigate the challenges and triumphs of remote working. Hitting the ‘reset button’ could find you working in a healthier and more productive way than ever before.

‘Our Chair’ blog

‘Our Chair’ 2020/02/26

The motto on our national coat of arms says ‘diverse people unite’ in the Khoisan language of the ǀXam people. At M+F we’re blessed to have a truly diverse team, as well as family and friends who are always willing to pitch in with ideas and lend a hand.

What’s currently catching our attention blog

What’s currently catching our attention 2019/10/06

This year's World's Coolest Offices package has something for everyone, whether you draw your inspiration from converted shipbuilding facilities or from the wacky shapes and colors of Barcelona's famous Gaudi buildings.

Barker Insurance Brokers - a move made easy with M+F blog

Barker Insurance Brokers - a move made easy with M+F 2019/10/06

For 20 years Barker Insurance Brokers worked out of a house that they converted into offices.

Conscious refurbishment - from old to new blog

Conscious refurbishment - from old to new 2019/11/01

M+F’s refurbishment expertise was truly tested on this project. We were tasked by our client, one of the largest banks in Southern Africa, whom we’ve supported for over 10 years, to refurbish, relocate and reuse 200+ workstations.

An eclectic combination of old and new blog

An eclectic combination of old and new 2019/11/01

M+F have had a relationship with this JSE listed, blue-chip client, going back 20+ years. Over the period we have supplied them with new furniture items, nationally across South Africa, as well as into their regional offices throughout Southern Africa.

Adcorp - Delighted with M+F blog

Adcorp - Delighted with M+F 2019/10/06

The first time I visited Adcorp, back in 2015, I was blown away by their culture,’ says M+F MD Steven Fish.

Masscash - Moving from Chaos into 'Heaven' blog

Masscash - Moving from Chaos into 'Heaven' 2019/10/09

When Cambridge Food moved offices, the management team realized it would be a huge change.