Our worlds changed.
Home/Office/School as we knew them will never be the same again.



Homework Desk, Accessories, Ergonomic Tools

Plug In

Plug In Power and Charging Station

Stack Shelves

Stack Shelves Shelving System
5 Year
Easy 5 Minute
DIY Assembly

It’s essential we equip ourselves, our children and our staff with the best furniture and ergonomic solutions. Assuring our health, comfort, productivity and wellbeing whilst working from home.


There's a million distractions while working from home - kids, partners, pets, gardens, pools, fridges, Netflix, WhatsApp, media. Noise.
Our furniture shouldn’t be.

Working from the kitchen counter, dining room table, bar or bed isn’t doing us, or those dear to us, any favours.

With access to connectivity, our time working from home is increasing exponentially.

We’re faced with what’s been dubbed ‘a new normal’, ‘our new reality’, ‘the virtual world’. Work from home. WFH!

As workspaces continue to evolve. Shouldn’t our furniture?

Isn’t it time we invested in our wellbeing, because there’s nothing overrated about sitting in well designed furniture and space.

The Homework furniture series is: beautiful, comfortable, easy to access, simple to assemble, value for money.

If we want the best for ourselves, our children and our staff, we can’t compromise on the right furniture, accessories and ergonomic tools.


* Guarantees cover poor worknamship and/or faulty materials, subject to normal conditions of fair wear and tear
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