What’s currently catching our attention 2020/04/20

Poetry in moving pictures
Productions created by the legendary, multiple award winning, Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli, have just been added to the South African Netflix collection. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki, and Isao Takahata in June 1985, the team have released 20+ full length feature films, as well as several short films, television commercials, as well as collaborating on the visual development of many video games. This is a treat for the kids, but even more appealing to adults where content is intricately laced and nuanced with mature themes. https://www.studioghibli.com.au/


The world’s first online design festival
Dezeen’s recently launched a virtual design festival. This is a real treat – we’re able to share an intimate live and recorded video series with some of the worlds most esteemed architects and designers. The likes of Li Edelkoort; Hella Jongerius; Yves Behar; David Rockwell; Formafantasma; and Maarten Baas to name a select few. Enjoy. https://www.dezeen.com/vdf/


On predicting the future
A favourite of mine, Seth Godin, needs no introduction. I subscribe to his daily mailer. Saturday’s post resonated with me. https://seths.blog/2020/04/on-predicting-the-future/


On predicting the future
Two things:
We do it all the time. Constantly.
We’re terrible at it.
We spend our days guessing how an action will impact the future, and we’re often wrong.
And we spend the rest of our days hoping we were right or worried that we weren’t. We try to control the future by telekinesis and anxiety in equal measure.
When the future doesn’t cooperate, we spend even more time trying to change the next bit of future so that it ends up more closely matching the future we were hoping for.
What if, instead, just for a little while, we simply did our best?
And let the future take care of itself.
Because even if we don’t fret, the future is still going to take care of itself.
All that’s on us is to do our best work. Paying attention to models and the community and the people we serve