‘Our Chair’ 2020/02/26

The motto on our national coat of arms says ‘diverse people unite’ in the Khoisan language of the ǀXam people. At M+F we’re blessed to have a truly diverse team, as well as family and friends who are always willing to pitch in with ideas and lend a hand.

Everyone contributes in his or her own way, both to the family and to the business, which is what makes our relationships so robust.

A good example of this diversity in action is the development of the chair icon, which formed an integral part of our logo. It started as a doodle by M+F’s current MD, Steve Fish, who at the time was studying graphic design.

Steve, a first-year student at M+F’s inception, was tasked with creating the companies brand collateral – logo, letterhead, business cards, etc. He began by doing some free-form pencil drawings of desks, chairs and other symbols of items used in an office. From these doodles 'the chair' was born and chosen as the icon used to denote the office.

The icon was reworked with each iteration of our evolving name and branding. We were slightly democratic, allowing changes to the chair along the way. It was modernised, crafted and made to look more balanced, and in proportion.

Although our core branding has been further modernised and simplified to its essential elements, 'Our Chair' has great sentimental value. It’s a legacy, a reminder and commitment to our original values of service, ethics and integrity. It’s no longer extensively used, but it remains a symbol representing the seat of where we have come from and what we have built to become who we are.

This is just one example of how the diverse talents of family, friends and colleagues come together to create strength at M+F.