Masscash - Moving from Chaos into 'Heaven' 2019/10/09

When national food retail chain, Cambridge Food, moved its Johannesburg office from Parktown to Illovo, the management team realised it would be a huge change.

‘Many of our staff, who had previously been in their own offices, would be working in an open-plan environment,’ explains Warren van Wyk, Cambridge Food’s (Commercial Executive). ‘This meant we would have to be very careful about our space planning and furniture selection.’

‘In addition, we had run out of storage space at our old offices. There were boxes all over the place! And so, we were seeking a solution that would allow people to work neatly, while still having easy access to the documents they require daily.

The company also needed the space to be flexible and scalable in order to accommodate growth, but without having to break down too many walls.

M+F was able to deliver on all counts.

‘Each team was given what was convenient for them,’ explains M+F’s Steven Fish. ‘Yes, the move to open plan was uncomfortable for many of the team members, who were used to their own space. However, the workstations themselves provide a level of privacy, as well as the ability for each individual to personalize his or her own workspace.’

Warren says the furniture is just the tip of the iceberg.

‘The M+F team is incredibly client-centric and has catered to our every need,’ says Warren. ‘From the planning stages, through installation, snagging and post-installation, the levels of support have been incomparable. Even when we called for last-minute changes, turnaround times were extremely impressive.’

‘M+F provided for everybody and for every level of functionality,’ concludes Warren. ‘When you come from where we were into this engaging, happy space, it’s like being in heaven!’