Adcorp - Delighted with M+F 2019/10/06

‘The first time I visited Adcorp, back in 2015, I was blown away by their culture,’ says M+F MD Steven Fish. ‘It was very special. Everyone was involved. There was a lot of singing and shouting - the energy was amazing.

‘I knew this was a company we wanted to work with.’

‘Being involved in human resources and recruitment, we needed collaborative workspaces that allowed our agents to work together, but still have private conversations when necessary,’ says Natasja Hedding (Facilities Specialist) at Adcorp. ‘It seems like a contradiction in terms, but the M+F team managed to create the perfect solution for us.’

‘There's an amazing energy when you walk into the space,’ says Natasja. ‘Each person can still have their own private conversations - either with each other or with clients or candidates on the phone - without being distracted.’

The workstations needed to accommodate certain unique key features.

The screens were carefully designed to provide each person with a sense of his or her own personalized space, without cutting them off from the rest of the team. Various iterations were trialed before the perfect height and material, to answer all those needs, was agreed upon.

Adcorp also had specific filing requirements. Their agents needed to have their current working files easily accessible, while the back-office staff needed more archival-type filing. The credenzas were even designed in such a way that staff can collaborate at the desks. Each one has a cushion on it so that it doubles up as a seat.

‘Here, again, we were impressed by the M+F solution,’ says Natasja. ‘A lot of planning, thinking and consultation went into the filing setup, and it paid off.’

Personal storage lockers are scattered throughout the building so that staff have somewhere to store their gym bags, high heels, or whatever they need nearby.

‘At our old office we had problems with spaces that involved food,’ explains Natasja, ‘and there's a lot of food in our company culture! Moving into a new space we were able to plan pause areas and refreshment stations to cater to our foodie inclinations. Now we have places where we can have a quick snack, or where we can all get together for a big feast!”

‘We often have project teams that need to work together for a finite period,’ explains Natasja. ‘We also need a space where we can all get together, or which can be used for training purposes, or executive dining, or whatever. M+F helped with furniture that is easy to configure in an infinite number of ways.’

This type of flexibility is a huge bonus, if it’s used properly. Being able to break down and reconfigure furniture is a benefit, yet it comes at a premium. Often clients want it, they invest in it, and then they set up in one place never to move it. This was not the case at Adcorp, the furniture is moved repeatedly and has paid for itself.

‘Overall the whole customer service experience from the very start – the professionalism – it’s been mind-blowing,’ says Natasja. ‘M+F sets really high standards when it comes to turnaround times, price and communication. I can't imagine ever using a different supplier.’